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“You are the hero of your writing journey…
…and I am your mentor.”

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11th Annual Screenwriting Retreat at Sundance– September 29 - October 2, 2016. Prepare your script for market in a productive and nurturing atmosphere. A rich and rewarding experience.

Write a Script in 4 Steps – Ongoing – A write-at-your-own-pace individual course. Whether you are starting a script from scratch as a beginner or a seasoned pro, I mentor you one-on-one from idea to completed script.

Chat with Dave – Anytime one-on-one mentoring – Do you need a few minutes to talk things over?

Write a Showcase Spec Script Write the first draft of your spec step by step during this four-week online course. Includes feedback. Starts June 20, 2016.

Revise Your Script for Market – A 4-week intensive online workshop aimed at revising your script with the market in mind. Includes homework assignments. Starts August 1, 2016.

Sell Your Script– starts April 18, 2016 – Let’s get your script sold!  Includes a free evaluation of your query letter or one-sheet.

Proper Formatting Technique: How to Prepare a Compelling and Professional Screenplay – Periodic – This 4-week course focuses entirely on formatting and is presented through Screenwriter’s University online. Includes weekly assignments.

Powerful Endings to Hook Your Reader– A 4-week online course focused on the nuts and bolts of crafting a powerful and compelling third act. Presented through Screenwriter's University online. Includes weekly assignments.

Free at Last! How to Get Your Inner Writer Out and Working For You – A 3-week course, that will help you discover and develop your creativity. Starts November 28, 2016.


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