Happy Students

“I have taken classes from others and thankfully avoided some. What sets you apart is you actually care. I don’t feel ripped off or a number. Your set up is geared to teach, inspire and direct.”  –Chris Lovett

"Dave, you are my favorite teacher! I sold two projects, and learned so much from you!" --Mary Gleeson

“There is no better teacher than you.  In fact, I think you are a male Muse.”  –Julia Tsigoida

 “Everywhere you look, there are hundreds of books and dozens of gurus.  Choosing Dave to help guide my career was an easy choice to make because with Dave, you get the best of both worlds – the best screenwriting book available today, along with the best mentor in the business.”  –Fred Bluhm

“I highly recommend Dave Trottier’s online courses.  They helped me raise my screenwriting to the next level, which resulted in a script of mine being optioned.”  –Todd Niemi

"Dave is a former teacher of mine and very inspirational." --Max Adams [produced screenwriter and screenwriting guru]

“As a serious student of the screenwriting art, I’ve taken a LOT of university courses and workshops.  Dave’s patience, approachability, humor, knowledge – and the ability to clearly communicate that knowledge – elevates him to one of the best out there.  I can’t wait to take advantage of his other offerings.”  –Molly Letkeman

“I like you as a mentor because you share your highly valued knowledge in a motivating and funny way.  And your courses are affordable.”  –Birgit Ianniello

"I appreciate you as a mentor. You have the ability to teach anyone. You make me feel comfortable with my progress." --Victoriah Stowell-Lloyd

"Thanks for being the world's best teacher! I've taken 3 classes now and have greatly enjoyed the feedback and one-on-one interaction." --Deborah A. Wilson

"Your generosity and willingness to interact with your students is refreshing. I felt supported in the open environment you created." -- Karen Bayly

“You are the most influential screenwriting teacher today.”  –Terri L. Miller, Ed.D.

“The discussion forums were a very nice class feature.  Having the ability to ask a question during the week was helpful, and it really personalized the level of assistance you provided.  You are absolutely honest, but positive and encouraging in tone.  The feedback on the homework assignments was the very essence of constructive criticism.  It was also nice to be able to meet and connect with other aspiring writers.  Hearing their questions, issues, and perspectives was enlightening.”  –Doug Fitch

“I just read the transcript of our class last night and it’s so jam-packed with gems that I had to write and say, Thank you!  You’re a fine teacher with endless amounts of patience and an uncanny ability to put your finger on just what a writer needs to hear to move forward.  –Bob Zaslow

“Dave, I really like your attitude.  Always upbeat, easily accessed, and looking out for your students’ best wishes.  You encouraged me on the one script that I’ve had the most trouble with, and when I started really digging in, I realized the theme is buried deep in my history and now I’m really excited to write the script.”  –Debi Yaz

“A great course that really helped me move forward with my story idea.  The criticism was constructive and helpful.”  –Justyn Billingham

"Entertaining, practical, interesting, incredible, and useful." -- Shara Lerman

"As I learned about formatting options, I began to think more cinematically." -- Brad Hines

"I feel like I have grown two years as a writer in only four weeks, thanks to your instruction." --Susan Ciminelli

"I found the course to be very thorough; it tears down some preconceived notions we all have and helps crate fresh approaches to our writing process." --Freddy Cantor

"One of the things I am most thankful for on this wonderful holiday [Thanksgiving] is you...and your emotional support." --Michael Tabb

"Time and money well spent." --Randy Holmes

"Your wonderful class is just what I needed. I have taken three graduate classes and I put yours on the top of them all." --Helene Holt

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