Happy Clients

Dave's Script Evaluation Services

"I won the Nicholl, won Austin Heart of Film, sold my spec script to Columbia Pictures, and signed with a major agency." ---Max Adams [My Backyard, Excess Baggage, Ladykillers, One for the Money]

"My movie [Once in a Lifetime] airs Tuesday on NBC." ---S. A. James.

"We are represented by the William Morris Agency, sold some scripts, and then did Home Delivery and Carpathia. You helped our writing skills tremendously!." ---John and Paul Buckholts

“My script Jupiter Landing was produced and distributed.” – Stacy Dymalski [now with five writing credits]

"The Independent Film Channel will air Charming Billy in June. Variety said, 'Intriguing balance between moody grimness and keenly observed sympathy.' Thanks so much." ---William Pace [now with seven writing credits]

"I sold Campus Security, the script you reviewed. You've truly been and will continue being a great influence in my life. Thank you." --James C. Sopp, Jr.

"He [a New York producer] is paying $110,000 for my script. It's a step deal--should I take it?" ---Jim Shaller [Dave's answer: Yes!]

"My script's been read by everyone, and I've been hired for all my jobs based on that one piece of work." ---Roberta Smith

"Excellent notes. You're really good. You're as good as me, and I don't mean that in an arrogant way; we just approach scripts in the same way—creative and pragmatic. It helped a bunch." ---Fellow script consultant, name withheld

"I'm doing one episode of the Discovery Channel series Moonshiners and just signed a one-year development deal for a reality TV series. If not for your blunt and wise critiques, online classes, and my dog-eared Screenwriter's Bible, I would not have signed a dream contract yesterday." --Spencer Balentine

"I can't thank you enough for your help with Available, The Learning Curves, and The Spy and the Fence--all produced." --Michael Gibrall

"[We are] former clients of yours whose first film (The Census Taker) is now in production." ---William and Grace Nelson

"In early 2001, you read my script about a teen pop star who goes back to a regular high school (Pop Star). Well, we just wrapped production. Aaron Carter plays the lead in this TAG Entertainment, Andrew Stevens production." ---Timothy Barton

"After my script Buckville was produced, Hallmark distributed the stop-mo version of Jingle All the Way and will distribute another project later." --Laura M. White

"Thank you for your consulting help with my screenplays which are now movies: Come What May, Mysterious Ways, and Hero. If it hadn't been for the service you provided, I wouldn't have got this far." ---Manny Edwards

"Your feedback was outstanding. Having had other consultants, countless friends, and several people on Trigger Street review the script, I was very pleased to see you identify things no one else had. Your review got into the details but didn't lose sight of the 'big picture.' I have yet to encounter a consultant who has been able to do that as effectively as you. The money was well spent." ---Mark Renaldo

"I sold my animation script!" ---Emily Ash

"The Gersh Agency requested our script. Sandy Weinberg who used to be with Paradigm Agency said he loved it. Thank you for your wonderful consultation." ---Jenny Rose

"Check out the January/February (2006) issue of script magazine for a story on me and Felix the Flyer. Thank you for helping me get this far in the race." ---Chris Canole

"I was completely in awe of your evaluation of my script. As a professional who has had an opportunity to train other psychiatrists for years, I appreciate your work every so much." ---Dr. K. J. Sanders

"My screenplay Lethal Injection was just optioned." ---Karen Mitura

"Columbia Pictures wants to read the script you helped me with. I don't think my script would have evolved to this point without your input." ---Bart Kimball

"Thirteen agents have now asked for the script. We decided on Professional Artists Agency. Thanks for your help and encouragement." ---Jeff Spruill

"I have received interest from the Agency, and they would like to represent me. They sent me a contract last Friday. I simply need to sign the contract and send your critique along with it." ---Barry Randolph

"Sees right through to the key points and gives ideas for strengthening them. Saves endless hours in the re-write process." ---Dr. Sandy King

"I now have an agent. Thanks for all your help." ---C Jones

"What I have been able to achieve really shows what a great script consultant you are." ---Stewart Vecchio

"You are a complete gift to humanity. You are my mentor, and I could have never done this [write two screenplays] without you." ---Demi Wood [now a published author]

"If you want compliments on your script, send it to your mom. If you are ready for a frank evaluation of your work, send it to Dave. His detailed analysis of your script's strengths and weaknesses is worth every penny." ---J'Amy Drylie

"Your evaluation was very thorough and insightful.... Your comments were quite constructive and honest. The work was of a very professional calibur." ---Benjamin Q Chau

"I sold my script and have a producer reading [another]. Thanks for all your expert analysis!" ---Perry Goodson

"You should be charging double." ---Larry James

"You're the best. It's so refreshing to get notes that actually mean something. I'm excited by the challenges of a rewrite and elevating my script to a higher level." ---Avery Alexander

"You identify with such clarity errors I could never find, and areas in need of improvement so accurately, I am amazed." --Brett & Chris Lynn

"Anything from Dave Trottier is worth your time and money." -- Screenwriter John Lovett

"As my mentor, I thought you should know Stop the Sun is represented by the Gary-Paul Agency" --Chris Ramlochan

"I sold #14 to an indie who lobbied hard for the sale." --Mark Seidel

"Received an option request for my (our) screenplay Explosion at Black Tom." Also, big league talent agent Barry Perelman has agreed to represent me. Recently, Cobblestone Films optioned Theatre of Death. So moving ahead!" -- Jim Saunders

"That was the best five hundred I ever spent." -- Peggy Lewis

"What I learned from Dave's coaching session helped me get my first script in front of a major Hollywood producer. You need to discover what this man knows." --Nate Booth

"My documentary is now produced, along with my screenplay for Final Girl." --Alejandro Seri

"Insightful comments. You were worth every penny." -- John Day

"MGM producers read Grizzly Valley and love it!" --Mike Edwards

"My co-writer and I just signed an option agreement." -- Charles Sykora

"I can barely belief this myself, but I just phoned the agency in London as you advised and the assistant asked me to send my screenplay. I can't thank you enough for accurate guidance you have generously provided." ---Albert Dewey

"Although I was dubious about pursuing the use of your services, you delivered on your promise of a rigorous assessment. The fee is indeed a modest one. A remarkable and useful analysis." ---Geri Laws

"Thought you'd want to know that Part-Time Czar was a finalist (one of four) in yesterday's Film Expo Texas. I couldn't have done it without you." ---Ann Jennings

"I cannot thank you enough for your comments and suggestions. It was well worth the money. Thanks again." ---Jerry Potter.

"You obviously put a great deal of time and effort into the evaluation. I appreciate your assistance tremendously." ---Paul Hawthorne

"Amazing! In all the time that I've been promoting other people's products, it hasn't once occurred to me that I could be applying the same tactics to my own script creations. Than you, Dave, for setting me straight." ---Jim Fisher

"Without question, you are America's script consultant." ---Sam Bennett

"I've been working with several consultants, and you're the best. I mean it. Your notes are both challenging and inspirational." --- Mirko Betz, Screenwriter and VP Development, Uncharted Territory.

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