Happy Clients

Dave's Script Evaluation Services

"I won the Nicholl, won Austin Heart of Film, sold my spec script to Columbia Pictures, and signed with a major agency." ---Max Adams [My Backyard, Excess Baggage]

"My MOW [Once in a Lifetime] airs Tuesday on NBC." ---S. A. James.

"We are represented by the William Morris Agency. We have projects in the works with producers Tony Romano (I, Robot; Catch Me If You Can), Konigsberg/Smith Productions (Bella Mafia, The Tommyknockers, Paris Trout), and former head of TV at MGM Hank Cohen. We also have a sit-down with Universal Studios regarding [another project]. You helped our writing skills tremendously." ---John and Paul Buckholts

"I sold Campus Security, the script you reviewed. You've truly been and will continue being a great influence in my life. Thank you." --James C. Sopp, Jr.

"He [a New York producer] is paying $110,000 for my script. It's a step deal--should I take it?" ---Jim Shaller [Dave's answer: Yes!]

"My script's been read by everyone, and I've been hired for all my jobs based on that one piece of work." ---Roberta Smith

"Excellent notes. You're really good. You're as good as me, and I don't mean that in an arrogant way; we just approach scripts in the same way—creative and pragmatic. It helped a bunch." ---Fellow script consultant, name withheld

"[We are] former clients of yours whose first film (The Census Taker) is now in production." ---William and Grace Nelson

"In early 2001, you read my script about a teen pop star who goes back to a regular high school (Pop Star). Well, we just wrapped production. Aaron Carter plays the lead in this TAG Entertainment, Andrew Stevens production." ---Timothy Barton

“My script Jupiter Landing was produced and distributed.” – Stacy Dymalski

"The Independent Film Channel will air Charming Billy on in June. Variety said, 'Intriguing balanced between moody grimness and keenly observed sympathy.' Thanks so much." ---William Pace

"Thank you for your help with two of my screenplays which you consulted on a couple of years ago. Recently, I produced a no-budget movie based on one (Mysterious Ways), and it got me an agent. That led to some investors asking for a budget proposal for a series of children's videos. If it hadn't been for the service you provided, I wouldn't have got this far." ---Manny Edwards

"Your feedback was outstanding. Having had other consultants, countless friends, and several people on Trigger Street review the script, I was very pleased to see you identify things no one else had. Your review got into the details but didn't lose sight of the 'big picture.' I have yet to encounter a consultant who has been able to do that as effectively as you. The money was well spent." ---Mark Renaldo

"I sold my animation script!" ---Emily Ash

"The Gersh Agency requested our script. Sandy Weinberg who used to be with Paradigm Agency said he loved it. Thank you for your wonderful consultation." ---Jenny Rose

"Check out the January/February (2006) issue of scr(i)pt magazine for a story on me and Felix the Flyer. Thank you for helping me get this far in the race." ---Chris Canole

"I was completely in awe of your evaluation of my script. As a professional who has had an opportunity to train other psychiatrists for years, I appreciate your work every so much." ---Dr. K. J. Sanders

"My screenplay Lethal Injection was just optioned." ---Karen Mitura

"Columbia Pictures wants to read the script you helped me with. I don't think my script would have evolved to this point without your input." ---Bart Kimball

"Thirteen agents have now asked for the script. We decided on Professional Artists Agency. Thanks for your help and encouragement." ---Jeff Spruill

"I have received interest from the Agency, and they would like to represent me. They sent me a contract last Friday. I simply need to sign the contract and send your critique along with it." ---Barry Randolph

"Sees right through to the key points and gives ideas for strengthening them. Saves endless hours in the re-write process." ---Dr. Sandy King

"I now have an agent. Thanks for all your help." ---C Jones

"What I have been able to achieve really shows what a great script consultant you are." ---Stewart Vecchio

"You are a complete gift to humanity. You are my mentor, and I could have never done this [write two screenplays] without you." ---Demi Wood, who is now a published author and close to selling one of her scripts

"Your evaluation was very thorough and insightful.... Your comments were quite constructive and honest. The work was of a very professional calibur." ---Benjamin Q Chau

"I sold my script and have a producer reading [another]. Thanks for all your expert analysis!" ---Perry Goodson

"You should be charging double." ---Larry James

"You're the best. It's so refreshing to get notes that actually mean something. I'm excited by the challenges of a rewrite and elevating my script to a higher level." ---Avery Alexander

"I can barely belief this myself, but I just phoned the agency in London as you advised and the assistant asked me to send my screenplay. I can't thank you enough for accurate guidance you have generously provided." ---Albert Dewey

"If you want compliments on your script, send it to your mom. If you are ready for a frank evaluation of your work, send it to Dave. His detailed analysis of your script's strengths and weaknesses is worth every penny." ---J'Amy Drylie

"Although I was dubious about pursuing the use of your services, you delivered on your promise of a rigorous assessment. The fee is indeed a modest one. A remarkable and useful analysis." ---Geri Laws

"Thought you'd want to know that Part-Time Czar was a finalist (one of four) in yesterday's Film Expo Texas. I couldn't have done it without you." ---Ann Jennings

"I cannot thank you enough for your comments and suggestions. It was well worth the money. Thanks again." ---Jerry Potter.

"You obviously put a great deal of time and effort into the evaluation. I appreciate your assistance tremendously." ---Paul Hawthorne

"Amazing! In all the time that I've been promoting other people's products, it hasn't once occurred to me that I could be applying the same tactics to my own script creations. Than you, Dave, for setting me straight." ---Jim Fisher

"Without question, you are America's script consultant." ---Sam Bennett

"I've been working with several consultants, and you're the best. I mean it. Your notes are both challenging and inspirational." --- Mirko Betz, Screenwriter and VP Development, Uncharted Territory.

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