Everything you need to format your script
4th Edition


Dr. Format Tells All


Dr. Format has been the go-to authority on the fine points of spec screenplay formatting for over two decades.

As Dr. Format, Dave Trottier has contributed to Movie Magic Screenwriter, Final Draft, Script magazine, Screenwriting Pro software, Writer's Digest, Creative Screenwriting, The Hollywood Scriptwriter, and many more.

This new 4th edition is really a special edition. According to the doctor, "I knew I couldn't include every single column and article I've ever written on formatting; that would result in 400 or 500 pages. So I chose representative pieces and avoided unnecessary repetition to make topics easy to access. The material is presented in a progressive order; thus, much can be gained from reading the book from start to finish."

This 240-page book contains carefully selected columns and articles written mainly for Script magazine, and each has been revised and updated to today's conventions. In all, Dr. Format answers hundreds of questions, with concise answers and clear, illustrative, and entertaining examples that empower you to write with confidence.

Do you have a question about formatting or spec writing? Now you can have all of Dr. Format's prescriptions in one place. With a humorous flair, he addresses such issues as

  • How do you format text messages and emails?
  • When can you "legally" use secondary headings?
  • How do you handle foreign languages?
  • What do Hollywood readers look for in a script?
  • How do you format flashbacks, montages, and intercuts?

Dr. Format teaches you how to direct the camera without using camera directions and how to apply formatting principles to develop your characters. Thus, his advice helps you become a better screenwriter as you see how to apply formatting principles to improve your writing.

Dr. Format Tells All goes beyond the rules and gives you practical applications that will expand your writing skills. According to the doctor, "Understanding spec formatting and writing is a key to crafting a great screenplay." Let Dr. Format help you do just that.

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