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The Screenwriter's Bible (6th Ed.)
This authoritative work is five books-in-one: 1) primer,
2) workbook, 3) formatter, 4) style guide, 5) marketing planner.  Endorsed by Hollywood pros, agents, and producers.  454 pages. Retail $25.95.  Your price only $21.95.

Also on Kindle, iBook (iTunes), Kobo, Nook.

  PDF of "Bible" WORKSHEETS emailed to you. $3.00
Double Your Creativity in 3 Hours
Break through blocks and fears, understand your writing heart, and launch your writing career. 86 pages. Retail $7.95. Your price is only $5.95.

Only $2.99 on Kindle, iBook (iTunes), Kobo, Nook and Smashwords.

Dr. Format Tells All (4th Edition)
This must-have guidebook provides everything you need to format your script and includes carefully selected columns and articles published in Script magazine. Completely revised and updated to today's standards, it contains answers to hundreds of formatting questions. 240 pages. Retail $11.95. Your price is only $8.95.
Two Screenplays (in correct format)
Now you can learn from two successful spec scripts to craft your own entertaining screenplay. Contains introductions (including history, content information, and marketing) and screenplays for A Window in Time and A Summer with Hemingway's Twin. 228 pages. Retail $17.95. Your price only $9.95.
A window in time Kindle edition A Window in Time (Kindle Edition)
Time-travel action-romance spec for ABC. First 10 pages featured in The Screenwriter's Bible. "Wrongly charged with treason, a brilliant young NASA engineer gets another shock: a woman from the future claims to be his wife." Includes a brief history of the project and introduction. Format adjusted for Kindle readability. Kindle Edition only $5.99.
The Freelance Writer's Bible
Endorsed by working writers and industry pros. Contains four books: 1) Discover your creative vision, 2) Write with freedom, 3) Sell to 17 key markets, and 4) Create your strategic marketing plan.


Sell Your Book Sell Your Book: a concise guide for selling or self-publishing or non-fiction book, e-book, or novel (Kindle edition).
The title says it all.
Kindle edition only $0.99.


The Secret of Question Mark Cave
Family dramedy spec screenplay for Disney--set in 1960, it's the taleof a long-forgotten cave, a promised sword of power, and a family stranded without a TV set. This is my first screenplay and includes an introduction and treatment. 112 pages. Retail $9.95. Your price $5.95.
How I Became Perfect
Or: "How I quit perfectionism and started living." This is not a writing or screenwriting book, but a humorous and true account of an incident that taught me a spiritual lesson. 90 pages. Retail $7.95. Your price $4.95.

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