The Secret of Question Mark Cave

by Dave Trottier

The Secret of Question Mark Cave is my first feature-length screenplay. I wrote it in 1986-1987 as one of two theses for my Master's Degree at Goddard College. The other thesis was a business plan for The Screenwriting Center, which became

I refined the script in 1989, and after beating the Hollywood bushes with it, I found an agent who handed it to dozens of producers. Most loved it, but were worried that it didn't have "an edge." Then my agent contacted The Walt Disney Company. Four Disney producers agreed to produce it, but Don Deline (the head producer) passed on it.

I nearly sold the script multiple times over the years. In effect, it became a "sample of my work," and I sold other scripts based on the positive impression of my little cave script. The book contains an introduction, the script, and a treatment of the script. Scroll to the bottom of my Store Page to purchase a copy.