Need Formatting Help?

Dr. Format (Dave Trottier) -- that’s me! -- has the perfect prescription for you. The result will be your peace of mind and a screenplay that meets current industry standards. And that’s important! There are a variety of remedies for what ails you.

1. ASK DR. FORMAT column. Since the discontinuance of the Script Magazine print publication, my popular Ask Dr. Format column appears periodically in the "Script" online magazine and monthly in the Movie Magic ScreenwriterScreenplay Scoop” newsletter. Both publications are free.

2. DR. FORMAT TELLS ALL. Both the print edition and ebook edition of this book contain all of my Ask Dr. Format columns published in Script Magazine from 1997-2012, plus additional articles. Each column has been updated to current formatting standards.

3. CHAT WITH DAVE. Schedule some time with me for a one-on-one conversation.

4. ASK DR. FORMAT. If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to, ask it on my Facebook page. If the question is complex or lengthy, or you need to talk to me, use the following Ask Dave service.

5. THE SCREENWRITER’S BIBLE. Your authoritative source, now in its sixth edition, contains the de facto industry spec formatting guide.

6. SCRIPT EVALUATION. Virtually all of my evaluation services include formatting help. For example, my Master Evaluation & Consultation service includes a review of formatting with suggested corrections of each type of formatting error or problem.