7 steps to a stunning script

Write a showcase script in just a few months
with Dave Trottier (me!) as your personal mentor

Tired of the usual floundering, blocking, stalling, lack of motivation, and endless rewriting of even the simplest of scripts? Do you need someone to stand by you all the way to your script’s completion? If so, this exclusive script development service is for you.

My unique and newly-revised (2018) project development plan improves and expands the old 4-step program and is devoted to developing a completed script in a relaxed and nurturing atmosphere. The individual guidance and direction you will receive can save you time, headaches and money, as well as improve your work and reveal its commercial potential.

Here are some answers to questions you may have about this new 7-step plan.

What does each evaluation include?
Besides pointing out problem areas in structure, character, dialogue, theme, etc., suggestions will be made on how to improve your work. If you're having trouble with certain concepts or principles or techniques, call or write me and I will explain them to you. Certain readings may be suggested to clarify points. You may be asked to rewrite certain scenes or be given special assignments. There is no extra charge for this. Everything is personalized for you.

How long will it take me to complete my script?
In most cases, it will take about four to six months writing part-time, but you may proceed at your own pace since this is a personalized program. I will guide you through every phase of the writing process, including the all-important initial stages where most writers make their biggest mistakes. Most of all, you'll have the satisfaction of having written the best script you can.

What are the 7 steps?
Step 1--create three original story ideas and choose one to write
Step 2--write a synopsis and identify your plot points
Step 3--develop your characters
Step 4--assess key elements: goal, need, heart, meaning, conflict, etc.
Step 5--write a treatment and make sure your ending is impactful
Step 6--submit your first 7 pages for evaluation
Step 7--craft the complete script for a 14-point analysis

Is there anything else to buy?
If you don't already own the sixth edition of The Screenwriter's Bible, you will want to purchase a copy. There is no requirement to buy anything else.

As my mentor, what are your qualifications?
I am a produced screenwriter, award-winning teacher, and script consultant with an abundance of experience. My clients and students include two Nicholl winners. All evaluations will be made personally by me in writing.

What if I want to talk to Dave personally?
I will give you my phone number. If you need a clarification of a critique or just want to ask a question, feel free to call or email me. Assignments may be submitted via email or through snail mail.

What if I already have a script written and only need an analysis of the completed draft?
See my current script consulting services schedule for completed and partial scripts. This seven-step course is designed only for screenwriters just starting a script.

Once I start, do I have to finish by a certain time?
No. There are no deadlines. You are in control of the process.


Just pay the surprisingly low $725 fee for all seven steps, and I will email you your initial instructions.


This section is only for those who are still working on the old 4-step program. It is not for those working with the new 7-step program.

Step 2 - Act 1 and the Set-up. Pay for this step only after you have done Step 1.

Fee for Step 2 – Only $135

Step 3 - Act 2 Problems & Solutions. Pay for this step only after you have done Steps 1 and 2.

Fee for Step 3 - Only $195

Step 4 - Completed draft. This is the equivalent of my 14-Point Analysis, which is normally priced at $475. Pay for this step only after you have done Steps 1-3.

Fee for Step 4 – Only $395

These critiques would normally cost you significantly more under any other circumstances. You receive professional evaluations from Dave throughout the writing process. In addition, you will have the motivation to finish your script and learn from the process.

Please call (800-264-4900) or email me with any questions.

If you do not already own the sixth edition of The Screenwriter's Bible. Order it below.

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