The Screenwriter's Bible

Errata for the 6th Editon

On page 91, the first line of the third-to-last paragraph, change "of vow" to "a vow"

On page 135, the first bullet point after the heading "Checkpoint 24," change "you central" to "your central"

On page 162, the fifth line of the first paragraph, change "or Courier" to "of Courier"

On page 168, the second scene heading under the heading "4. Special Notations," change "ROOM OF MORRORS" TO "ROOM OF MIRRORS"

On page 174, the fourth line of the first paragraph under the heading "[E] Spacing Between Scenes," change "a paragraphs" to "a paragraph"

On page 187, the first line of the second paragraph under the heading "Be choosy on your details," change "may not important" to "may not be important".

Worksheets and Resources

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The Freelance Writer's Bible

About poetry: On page 141, second paragraph, fifth line: It sharpened my mind and senses, and enlarged my soul. I even made a few bucks publishing in a few poetry journals listed in The Writer's Market. I Iearned that poetry that fails is often overly sentimental, while poetry that succeeds usually touches both the heart and the mind.

About e-rights for books: On page 187, last paragraph on the page, beginning with the first sentence: You will want to know if the publisher you contact wants e-rights only, print rights, or all rights. As you know, "all rights" is seldom good for you, so read your contract very carefully and make sure you understand exactly what rights you are surrendering. Usually, an explanation of how an e-publisher does business... [and so on as written).

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